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She's no princess



Project Hannibal

How do you hide a herd of mammoths? When the government terminates its secret project to restore mammoths to Alaska, animal trainer Luis Cortez goes to extraordinary lengths to spirit the animals to freedom in the wild.

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Jackie has a chip on her shoulder, a soft spot for animals, and a determination to find the truth. When mishaps haunt a research lab, Jackie investigates—and turns up secrets that someone will go to any lengths to expose.

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Sparrowhawk Book 1

Patch and Sparrowhawk are drawn into a danger-filled search for the source of an ancient relic and the mystery of its dark telepathic influence.

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Ghost Ship

Sparrowhawk Book 2

Patch and the Sparrowhawk crew sail uncharted space to salvage a wrecked ship and face the brooding presence of the ship's dead crew.

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Sparrowhawk Book 3

Patch dodges spies and informers while racing to find and endangered reformer ahead of a bounty hunter.

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