Bringing back mammoths

A new startup venture co-founded by gene editing pioneer George Church aims to bring woolly mammoths back to the Arctic. This is not a frivolous “Jurassic Park” scenario, but a genuine attempt to combat climate change in one of Earth’s most vulnerable and important habitats: the Arctic tundra. Even though the Arctic is sparsely populated, it is one of the most important regions on Earth for maintaining a livable planet. That is because its frozen ground holds a vast amount of

Sneak preview: Project Hannibal

Stuck at home for the last ten months, I've immersed myself in thinking about the future. The result: a new science fiction book, Project Hannibal! Climate change threatens to melt the Arctic permafrost layer and unleash a devastating cascade of greenhouse gases. As a vital step in maintaining a livable Earth, a brilliant geneticist has resurrected genetically engineered mammoths. Estelle Dupris is a flying doctor visiting patients in an isolated Native Alaskan village. With