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Sneak preview: Project Hannibal

Stuck at home for the last ten months, I've immersed myself in thinking about the future.

The result: a new science fiction book, Project Hannibal!

Climate change threatens to melt the Arctic permafrost layer and unleash a devastating cascade of greenhouse gases. As a vital step in maintaining a livable Earth, a brilliant geneticist has resurrected genetically engineered mammoths.

Estelle Dupris is a flying doctor visiting patients in an isolated Native Alaskan village. With her is her teenaged niece, grieving after her mother’s suicide.

When the government bows to political pressure to terminate the mammoth project, animal trainer Luis Cortez goes to extraordinary lengths to spirit his hand-raised mammoth herd to freedom in the wild.

In Alaska's harsh and beautiful landscape, Luis and Estelle’s worlds collide.

Enriched by a diverse cast—a Black doctor transplanted from New Orleans, a gay Latinx animal trainer, a Native Alaskan state trooper—Project Hannibal is a story of overcoming adversity while recovering hope and faith after terrible personal loss.

Now available for pre-order at Project Hannibal.

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I've enjoyed dreaming it up!

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