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Indie Fantasy and Sci Fi books

Some friends put together a list of fantasy and sci fi books by indie authors we know. Need something new and different to read? Download one from the list below:

(Don't have a Kindle? You can download a free Kindle app on your device.)

Sci Fi : “Eclipsed” by Kathryn Hoff (Perfect Covid-19 book) “Enemy Immortal” by Jim Meeks-Johnson “Quantum Space” (Quantum Series Book 1) by Douglas Phillips “Serving Time” Nadine Ducca “Slave Mind” by Rob Dearsley “Yesterday's Thief” (Eric Beckman Series Book 1) by Al Macy Paranormal Mystery: “Pandora 2011: Accounts of the Cursed Shopping Center” by Ivan Borodin


“Blood of the Eohim” by J. Fries. “Islands of Loar: Sundered” by Ernie Laurence Jr. “The Goblets Immortal” (Fiction Without Frontiers) by Beth Overmyer “The Rune that Binds” by Jonathan Goff “Thorn of the Night Blossoms” by JC Kang Urban Fantasy: “Confessions of Innocence” and “The Reaper’s Heart” by L.S. May “Divine Fraud” by Thomas Green “Fake” by Lori Saltis “Trolls for Dust: Season One” by Pixie Beldona Christian Fantasy: “The Healer and the Pirate” by Julie Bihn and Maggie Phillippi

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