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OK, Boomer: We've let our children down, but we can act now

My generation had great hopes and great intentions. As hippies, we yearned to celebrate and protect Mother Earth.

We failed, utterly. And we're still failing. We were told 40 years ago that pollution had the potential to change our planet. Rather than stem emissions, we added more. And under the current US administration, what protections we have tried to put in place have been eviscerated.

Climate change is no longer threatening: it is here. According to the US government's own findings, it will affect us and generations to come in our health, economy and international stability.

It's not too late to act. Change is hard, but we can make a difference that will be seen in our lifetime.

Some efforts are best made on a national or international level, like choosing to leave fossil fuels in the ground and making mass transit a priority for replacing individual cars.

But there are also a lot that we as individuals can do, from less driving and flying to eating more vegetables. Check out:

So hope is out there. Let's make a difference--for our children's sake.

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