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One year means so much...

One year ago, I published my first book!

The last year has let me publish the full Sparrowhawk series, three books I'd been working on for several years. The series is space adventure, with a ne'er-do-well crew of interplanetary traders meeting--and running from--pirates, debt collectors, and the law as they rush in where prudent travelers fear to tread.

I also published Eclipsed, a hard science fiction pandemic story that I wrote in 2017. It's the story of a teen girl in a time of disaster, who learns about trust as she cares for a laboratory chimpanzee.

So much has happened this past year: fires, floods, and a pandemic. I'm extremely grateful that my family has retained health and home.

I'm also grateful to have been able to keep writing. I'm in the editing stage for my next book, tentatively named Project Hannibal. It is also hard science fiction, blending two very different stories that merge in the wilds of Alaska.

Thank you to all the readers who have enjoyed the books, and please, keep coming back for more.

My very best wishes for your safety and health.

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